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Yixing DingCheng Bricks Industry CO.,LTD. is located in Dingshu Town, the ceramic center of Yixing City. The company has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. The annual production of wall and floor tiles amounts to 2.6 million square meters. It is in the forefront of the industry and is quite in East China. Large-scale terracotta brick manufacturer. The main production: clay bricks, vacuum sintered bricks, blocks, clay split bricks, hand-made bricks, antique bricks, cultural bricks and other wall and floor bricks, as well as special adhesives and caulking agents for clay bricks. It is widely used in construction projects such as municipal engineering, landscaping, hotels, schools, residential quarters, and industrial buildings.

The company also has strong R&D and production capabilities, self-owned mines and mud processing plants, advanced manufacturing equipment and strict production processes in the same industry, as well as top R&D and production management personnel. The company’s laboratory has advanced product testing equipment, precise and skilled control of chemical and physical indicators, rigorous testing of more than 30 procedures, and an interlocking quality assurance system. The various physical and chemical indicators of the product meet or exceed the national and corporate standards, and are sold throughout the country. For a long time, it has been Shanghai Disney, Tianjin University, Renmin University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Inner Mongolia University, Zhangjiakou University, Wanda, Longhu and many other well-known real estate companies at home and abroad. Provide fixed-point supply and R&D services for key projects at provincial, municipal and national levels, and export to many countries. The company's perfect after-sales service system enables our customers to enjoy our warm service in time, and enjoy a good reputation and reputation in well-known construction projects.

While doing a good job in product development and production, Dingcheng also pays great attention to the construction of corporate culture. In order to create a new internal entrepreneurial platform where all employees seek development and pursue a double harvest of material and spirit for all employees, the company has introduced Kazuo Inamori’s management philosophy and The "Dingcheng University" and the "Dingcheng Fund" for grassroots employees have been established to actively do a good job of humanistic care for enterprises and promote the common development of enterprises and employees. 

米乐m6app_米乐m6app官网_官网(欢迎您) is determined to become a comprehensive solution provider for green and environmental protection in the domestic architectural ceramic industry. Create true and lasting value for customers, create a harmonious and happy life for employees, create an ecologically beautiful environment for society, and become a respectable happiness-sharing enterprise in the industry.

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