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  •        The ceramic antique green brick keeps the unique antique flavor of the traditional antique green brick, abandons the shortcomings of the traditional green brick, such as irregular size and poor flatness, and combines the advantages of the ceramic brick, such as excellent frost resistance, compression resistance and high flexural strength. It is a recommended choice for garden, ancient building masonry and pavement laying.
    一、Culture: green brick is the classic material to express the style of classical culture. The natural color produced during calcination gives people a feeling of soft beauty. Therefore, each clay brick contains a new cultural concept of the perfect combination of ancient civilization and modern science and technology.
    二、Environmental protection: the main component of green brick is Yixing local unique purple clay, different colors of clay with modern technology, namely fired into different colors of clay brick. Thousand degree high temperature can play the role of sterilization and disinfection, so it is not radioactive, but also non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly products.
    三、Comfort: green brick has the function of moisture absorption and drainage. The pores distributed in the brick body absorb moisture at night and release moisture during the day, so as to avoid the air drying caused by rapid evaporation of surface moisture and keep the local environment moist. Its comfort is obvious.
    四、Durability: green brick can resist wind and rain, fire and flame retardant, never fade, can witness a hundred years of history.
    五、Value added: use clay brick, investment is small. When you know that it can witness a hundred years of history, you will feel that the investment at that time is shared in the long history of the future, and its value-added function increases with the passage of time.
    六、Affinity: Earth is the basis of human survival, and fire is the driving force of human civilization. Therefore, green bricks naturally have a considerable affinity for human beings. It is this affinity that attracts people to walk on the green bricks and take a walk on the square paved with clay bricks.
    1、Antiskid: the surface of green brick is smooth, but its moderate rough surface is enough to prevent the skid in rainy days.
    2、Matte: the green brick calcined at high temperature does not reflect and glare under the strong sunlight.
    3、No ponding: the green brick has a certain water absorption function, and the joint sand between the bricks has the function of water permeability and drainage, so when it rains, the ponding on the road soon flows into the drainage system.
    4、If you walk on such road bricks in shining shoes when it rains, your shining shoes will still shine!
    The biggest advantages of these blocks are good thermal stability, low dry shrinkage, no cracking of masonry walls, good sound insulation, high strength, good heat insulation and heat preservation performance, regular appearance, convenient masonry, strong waterproof function, and good affinity with cement mortar.

    Specification (mm) (length × width × thickness)
    Quantity per square meter
    Weight per square meter
    66 Piece / m2
    21.8 Kg / m2
    66 Piece / m2
    20.5 Kg / m2
    111 Root / m2
    67 Kg / m2
    125 Block / m2
    194 Kg / m2
    87 Block / m2
    210 Kg / m2
    HY-1000 series
    57 Piece / m2
    25 Kg / m2
    66 Piece / m2
    25 Kg / m2
    HYZ-1000 series
    50 Block / m2
    80 Kg / m2
    100 Root / m2
    80 Kg / m2
    40 Block / m2
    100 Kg / m2

    Note: various specifications can be customized according to the requirements of users, and the color is subject to the actual sample.

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